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Andar Bahar

We bring to you the game that was born in the streets of Indian villages but is cherished by thousands of casino players today — Andar Bahar. A simple yet entertaining game, it has brought people like you and us together. So learn more about the fun Andar Bahar, from rules and payouts to variants and strategies, and maybe even play a game.


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As online Andar Bahar gains more momentum in the Indian online gambling scene, many players are aiming towards becoming the best and making the most of their Andar Bahar knowledge and skill. Moreover, new people — people who either never played a casino game in their lives or those who haven’t played Andar Bahar but have tried other casino games — are also hopping on the online Andar Bahar train.

However, one fact remains that both experts and newbies need to practice to understand and have fun at online Andar Bahar. You can find plenty of online casinos that let you play demo games for free.These games don’t give you real money prizes for playing these, but you’ll get plenty of practice. But arguably the best place to practice for free is right here, on our website. There’s no need sign up, just place your bet and start playing. Have fun!

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Andar Bahar: An Indian Classic Card Game

Andar Bahar is one of the few card games that originated in India and is still played by a majority of Indian casino players. Most of the credit to its longevity and success goes to its unique nature, as, unlike other card games, Andar Bahar can be played without any actual money and none of the players need to receive cards throughout the game. They simply have to wait, bet, and watch.

This simplicity makes playing the game of Andar Bahar quick and easy. So much so that a game of Andar Bahar can be finished within a span of just five minutes with plenty of time for players to place their bets. What help are the easy-to-understand-and-follow rules. Unlike other card games, there are no exceptions or hindering complications either.

Another great point in favor of Andar Bahar is that any number of players can play the game. This means that players who want to play the game don’t have to make arrangements for chips, wheels, or tables that are usually associated with playing casino games. Instead, all that’s required for a game of Andar Bahar is a deck of cards and a flat surface to sit and play on.

Few requirements and simple rules have kept Andar Bahar alive in India even after decades of more recent, western card games like Poker and Blackjack stealing the limelight. Though today it’s played in many parts of the country, it’s unknown as to where the game was originally created. Many believe that it became popular in South India before spreading to other parts. Commonly, the game is called Andar Bahar in North India but southerners may know it by “Katti”.

While these regional differences remain, the game itself is becoming more popular by the day. Thanks to the onset of online gambling and casino websites all over the world, Andar Bahar has successfully transitioned online and today most players prefer to play it on their desktop and mobile devices. Let’s take a look at why.

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Online Andar Bahar

As mentioned above, Andar Bahar is a traditionally offline game but more and more players are enjoying it today in a virtual setting. This is because of various factors.


Time and Location

When two players want to play a game of traditional Andar Bahar, they have to find a time that works for both and a location that’s uncomfortable to neither. As more players join in on the plan for the game, the complexity increases and the probability of the game actually coming to fruition decreases drastically. On the other hand, online Andar Bahar allows the player to play at a time and location of their choosing.


Time Limitations

A big limitation of playing traditional Andar Bahar is the time of the day. While it’s greatly affected by the time of the day and other external factors, online Andar Bahar is available 24/7 at the player’s fingertips.



A game of Andar Bahar requires at least two players to play. But it’s well established that the more the players, the more fun. Thus, people who play traditional Andar Bahar are completely dependent on their friends, relatives, and neighbors for enjoyment. However, online Andar Bahar connects one with players from all over the world via the Internet. Thus, players can be sure to play with equally competent people and have fun, and, in some cases, even get to learn from players better than themselves.



Andar Bahar barely requires anything to play — a deck of cards and a flat surface. Online Andar Bahar, however, has even fewer requirements — an Internet pack. And we can safely say that there are more people having internet on their phones than those who have a pack of cards in their pockets.



Online casinos are known for their attractive bonuses. These bonuses increase the player’s bankroll, cut their losses, and make the overall experience fun. Players can expect these lucrative bonuses only while playing online Andar Bahar.


Payment Methods

Carrying cash has become a pain in the bottom (think fat wallets in back pockets) these days. Especially after the demonetization fiasco, everyone has opted to go cashless for most of their transactions. For traditional Andar Bahar, this is not the case. Players participating in an offline event will very likely have to carry cash. On the flip side, online Andar Bahar has made it easy to make deposits and receive withdrawals with a long list of transaction methods like credit and debit cards, e-wallets, and even cryptocurrency.

As we can see, online Andar bahar is an obvious choice when it comes to casino enthusiasts anywhere in India. But players new to the online arena might get a little overwhelmed by the vast number of sites and options before them. Questions like “Is online Andar Bahar same as what I play?” and “Where should I play online Andar Bahar?” often confuse newbies.

This is why we, at Andhar Bahar, are here to help guide you through your journey. On this page, we’ll cover everything from the rules of online Andar Bahar to strategies that’ll help you make the most in the game. Keep reading for more!

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We both are from Bengaluru. This is one game which we've seen since our childhood being played by our Parents and Grandparents.

We see now it is getting popular online, we thought we can help a lot of beginners.

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Rules of online Andar Bahar

Online Andar Bahar is completely similar to its traditional cousin. Players’ main objective is to guess the side where a selected card will appear. Similar to its traditional counterpart, the game relies heavily on luck instead of skill and calculations. As we can conclude, online Andar Bahar calls for minimum effort on the part of the player, allowing them to have fun while the game goes on.

There are two sides in this game — Andar and Bahar. Usually, these sides are represented by boxes or columns on either side of the player. Most commonly, Andar is on the left side while Bahar is on the right side. In some online games, these boxes may even be represented by horizontal rows in which case, the Andar and Bahar sides will be clearly denoted.

Every round, one of the cards in the deck is selected to be the Gain Card. The dealer then shuffles the deck and places the cards one by one alternatively on the two sides. The player’s task then is to guess where a card similar to the Gain Card will appear and make a bet based on it. Correct bets are awarded appropriate payouts while incorrect wagers are surrendered.

Terminologies associated with online Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is a simple game, and thus, there aren’t a lot of terms for the player to keep a track of; only five are sufficient.


Andar refers to one of the boxes on the table where cards are placed after being drawn from the deck. It’s on the left side of the player. In Hindi, it means “inside”. Andar also refers to one of the two bets in the game, where the player indicates that the winning card will appear in the Andar box.


Bahar refers to the other box on the table that’s also reserved for placing cards. It’s on the player’s right side. In Hindi, it means “outside”. Bahar also refers to one of the two bets in the game, where the player indicates that the winning card will appear in the Bahar box.

Gain Card

The Gain Card is the one that’s drawn first in the round. All other cards are drawn in reference to the Gain Card. Additionally, the Gain Card may also be referred to as the Trump Card, the Cut Card, or the Main Card.

Table Maximum

The maximum wager amount that you can place in a particular online Andar Bahar game is called the table maximum. This value may change from casino to casino.

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The round begins with the virtual dealer dealing 13 cards to the player. The player needs to choose one card — designated as the Game Card — and discard all others. This action will have a limited time allotted to it, so it needs to be performed quickly. In online casino games with multiple players, this option is disabled and the dealer simply chooses a random card from the shuffled deck as the Game Card.

Discarded cards are added back in the deck and shuffled thoroughly. The Game Card is displayed promptly in the middle of the table for reference and the betting timer is initiated. Using the buttons on the screen, players select the box on which they’d like to place their bets.

When the betting time ends, the dealer starts drawing cards one by one and placing them in the Andar and Bahar boxes alternatively. By standard, if the first card drawn belongs to the black suit, the dealer starts dealing from the Andar box. Alternatively, if the first card to turn up is from the red suit, dealing starts from the Bahar box.

As the dealer continues to reveal the cards one by one, the excitement in the game peaks when one of the cards matches the Game Card. At this point, the casino software automatically determines the winners based on their bets and allocates the wins, if any.

Note to the Player: While comparing the cards being placed in the Andar and Bahar boxes, the suit is not considered. If the card has the same number as the Game Card, the round is considered finished.

Payouts in Andar Bahar

In a simple yet rewarding game like online Andar Bahar, the payout is contingent on only one condition after the player has predicted the side (Andar/Bahar) correctly — whether the winning card appears on the side the first card was dealt or not. If the winning card is placed in the box where the first card was dealt, the player gets a payout of 90%. On the other hand, if the winning card is placed in the box other than the one in which the first card was dealt, then, a payout of 100% is handed to the player. A table below depicts all the possible scenarios in a game of online Andar Bahar.

Side Bets in online Andar Bahar

Another lesser-known advantage of playing Andar Bahar online is the option to place additional bets and side bets. A common additional bet is one that players can place after one card each has been drawn onto both the Andar and Bahar box. At this point, the software issues a prompt for players to place a final bet. While placing this additional bet, players can only wager less than or equal to the table maximum limit. The player then needs to confirm their bet before the game can proceed.

Side bets, on the other hand, may give a chance for players to bet against the Game Card itself, guess the lead card’s suit, or predict whether the lead card will be above or below a certain number. Players make side bets by selecting the appropriate chip amount on the screen and then clicking the card. Additionally, the in-game help section gives the player clear instructions on how to take advantage of the various additional and side bets inside the game.

Live Andar Bahar: Bringing the casino to your pocket

Online Andar Bahar has many benefits — convenience, accessibility, remote play, bonuses, and minimal requirements. However, online casinos offer another version of Andar Bahar that combines all the benefits of online Andar Bahar with the authenticity of a game played on an elegant casino table — live Andar Bahar.

Live Andar Bahar removes the robotic aspect of online games and introduces the player to a game of real Andar Bahar being played on a real table and hosted by a real dealer in a real casino. The player can watch the proceedings through a live stream and can interact using a realistic user interface that perfectly simulates the experience of playing Andar Bahar on a brick-and-mortar casino floor.

The player may also play along with other real players and even chat with them and the dealer for an exceptionally entertaining time. No detail on the table will go amiss thanks to the high definition stream at the player’s control. In many games, players are free to choose from multiple camera angles. For those playing via a relatively slow internet connection, the video quality can be adjusted.

Live Andar Bahar games also boast a crisp and clear audio quality that ensures every movement on the table is heard clearly. Background music, interaction sounds, and the overall game volume can be adjusted using the settings menu. All in all, live Andar Bahar is an extremely immersive game that every player should definitely try out.

Mobile Andar Bahar

The biggest enthusiasts of Andar Bahar often want a gaming experience that goes beyond the confines of their homes. That’s where mobile Andar Bahar steps in. It’s nothing but the online and live versions of Andar Bahar optimized to perform on smaller devices like smartphones and tablets. Here’s what makes this version stand out:



Online and live casinos bring the comfort of playing Andar Bahar to a player’s home. However, their benefits are diminished if a player cannot play his favorite game while commuting, at work, in bed, or anywhere else they want. Mobile Andar Bahar make the game portable and fun.

Finance management

Finance management

Mobile Andar Bahar makes depositing and withdrawing from the casino account easier. Many online casinos in India offer convenient transaction methods that make deposits easy and withdrawals quick.

Device compatibility

Device compatibility

Most online casinos these days support all smartphone models and operating systems. Thus, players can access their casino account and the Andar Bahar game on any device favourable to them.

Where to play online Andar Bahar

Finding a good casino to play for real money is no small task. In fact, for people new to the online gambling industry, it can be more daunting than learning a new game altogether. Thus, we at Andhar Bahar, have created a list of best casinos to play online and live Andar Bahar for our readers. A visitor looking for a good casino can scroll through our list, select a reliable casino, and start playing within minutes. Here’s our vetting process for assessing an online casino before adding it to our list.

  1. We make sure the online casino is regulated by a reliable governing authority and has a license to show for it.
  2. We comb through the casino to ensure the casino only hosts games from authentic and leading game developers.
  3. After checking for a good collection of both online and live Andar Bahar, we also consider the other casino games in the casino’s library.
  4. We want our readers to get the most special experience. So we look out for attractive bonuses and promotional offers at the casino.
  5. Indian players usually have a hard time making deposits and withdrawing their winnings at an online casino. We find out if the casino has a vast range of transaction options and whether those options are safe.
  6. As we mentioned earlier, an ideal online casino will let players learn online and live Andar Bahar by practicing in demo games.
  7. Many casino rules and terms and conditions can be a maze for new players. A team of friendly yet professional customer support agents is a must.
  8. Even if a casino passes all our previous tests with flying colors, it’ll be all for nothing is it doesn’t Indian currency. Transactions in INR is mandatory.

Strategies to play online Andar Bahar

It’s natural for many players to want to use strategies and tactics to guarantee more wins in their online Andar Bahar games. The fact is, just like its traditional counterpart, online Andar Bahar is completely based on chance. There’s neither a way to influence the winning card into making a favorable appearance nor a way to predict it.

Thus, a player’s best strategy to win in online Andar Bahar is to play the game cautiously. They should understand the game and learn all of its rules. They should set a bankroll they’re comfortable parting with and should stick to the limitations they’ve set for themselves. Finally, players should bet conservatively to reduce potential losses and remember in the back of their head that they’re playing for fun.


Andar Bahar is one of the most popular card games in India. This is mainly played in rural parts of India.
Andar Bahar is one of the most popular card games in India. This is mainly played in rural parts of India.